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Check out this amaaazing TED Talk by Jill Andrew (who we’ve had the pleasure to get to know through our Fat’s How We Roll peer group!)!! Jill breaks down some of the ways fat bodies - especially black bodies - are impacted by discourses of fatphobia & health. 

*TW for discussion of fatphobia, self-hate and some ableist language. 

"Fat is just a description. Its not a prescription - and its certainly not an invitation for hate, for exclusion, for ridicule, for assaults against my body. And it sure as heck ain’t an excuse to make judgments about my health or my morality."



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90s Black Sitcoms, Ranked

The Cosby Show, what has long been considered the greatest black sitcom of all time, celebrates its 30th anniversary in two weeks. That the show’s legendary run is marked by a return to a more diverse television landscape this fall seems fitting: NBC, ABC, and FOX, along with other networks, will debut a variety of shows that cast minority actors in lead roles (several are women of color). This push for more nuanced programming brings to mind the 1990s, a decade known for its rich portrayal of black life through shows like Living Single and Roc. Here, a completely indisputable ranking of black sitcoms that aired between 1990 and 1999.

See the rest of the list here.


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